What You Always Wanted To Know ... About X–TRAX.TV

X–TRAX.TV is an undaunted film team on the road around the world at each and every weather condition.
Always on the scout for new adventures, exciting stories and pictures. Dust, dirt and mud is not only the home of our tripod but sometimes also the place to put our tired heads for a nap. The instant coffee for the morning after tastes that much better than...

More information about the team members further down...

If you are interested about a production for your own business or you wish to send us into the wilderness for a documentary simply send a mail to: lteam@X–TRAX.TV
What You Always Wanted To Know ... about GÜNTHER

Günther Uttendorfer is camera man and our producer of the X–TRAX-class...
His most favorite places to stay over night are his sleeping bag at the race track or his MAN KAT in the desert. Of course together with his Sony XDCam HD. The next morning all batteries are charged again - hopefully!

Function: camera man and managing director X–TRAX.TV
Favorite project: vBMW Namibia
Direct contact: mguenther@X–TRAX.TV
Favorite designer: lrossi
What You Always Wanted To Know ... about THOMAS

Thomas Ruge is the director at X–TRAX.TV. But he also likes to handle the steering wheel. His adventure is about to begin where the road ends and the gravel starts. Either in the mud or in the dust - there is always something to film.

director and managing director X–TRAX.TV
Direct contact: mthomas@X–TRAX.TV
What You Always Wanted To Know ... about YVETTE

Yvette Dankou is the frontwoman at X–TRAX.TV.
No track to far, no dune to high, no mud hole to deep Yvette always keeps it rolling.
Close to the drivers and their stories. Evenings the last to leave the camp fire in the paddock - mornings the first to be at the track...

Function: presenter, anchorwoman
Direct contact: myvette@X–TRAX.TV
What You Always Wanted To Know ... about JASMINE

Girls like horses. Women like her love fast machines!
Jasmine la Noutelle is one of our two anchorwomen at X–TRAX.TV and makes sure that the drivers are not only sweating because of hot curves at the track...
Curiously she and her microphone are always in middle of action to finish only when the last questions are finally cleared - with a cool beer at the camp fire.

Function: presenter, anchorwoman
Direct contact: mjasmine@X–TRAX.TV
MAN KAT X–TRAX - production vehicle
Marocco - Land Rover shooting
Günther Uttendorfer - Croatia Trophy
And Preferable...

... we are sitting at the camp fire to talk gasoline.
Come visit us and get your beer at...you know where...
(little hint: if there is X–TRAX.TV written onto you will find us inside...most probably)
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